About Woodside Optometry

Located in Redwood City, California, Woodside Optometry offers patients polarized prescription sunglasses, which minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays and enhance vision during activities such fishing, playing tennis, and golfing. Polarized lenses are particularly important to skiers, who contend with an intense glare from the snow on sunny days. Without protection, snow glare not only makes navigating the slopes difficult, but also causes damage to the eyes. Woodside Optometry patients enjoy a full selection of designer frames from manufacturers such as Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Coach, and Oakley. Those who purchase two pairs of glasses during their visit receive 20 percent off the second set of frames (excluding insurance transactions).

In addition to providing prescription sunglasses, Woodside Optometry offers patients contact lens fittings and a full array of vision testing options, including computer-assisted examinations that evaluate issues such as eyestrain. The capable Woodside Optometry team is also well versed in fitting disposable bifocals contact lenses as well as rigid gas-permeable lenses. These materials allow the eyes to breathe and prevent harmful bacteria buildup.


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